MintClicks is a marketplace for publishers to sell their text, banner, POP Ads, and interstitial ads to advertisers. The publisher can then send traffic back to the advertiser. Whether you are an advertiser or a publisher, all you need to do to get involved with MintClick’s pay per click / CPM network is create an account with us. We’ll take it from there and take care of all the ad sales as well as traffic exchange automatically with our specialized MintClicks platform.

MintClicks for advertisers
If you are an advertiser, you can create pay per click / CPM banner, text, POP Ads and/or interstitial ads which will create genuine leads to your website. We have an extensive publisher network through which we place your ads so you will get widespread traffic for your online business.

Create 4 types of ads: text, banner, POP Ads, and interstitial ads

Use location and keyword targeting

Make payments through Paypal, credit card, or wire

MintClicks for publishers
If you are a publisher, you can get your website traffic monetized by adding ad codes to your website through a MintClicks publisher account. MintClicks will pay you for each valid click or impression an advertiser receives through your website. We will make sure that only ads from the highest bidders get placed on your website to make sure that you get the highest amount of revenue as possible.

Create ad codes for text, banner, POP Ads, and interstitial ads

Remove ads from competitors

Receive payouts through Paypal, wire, or by check