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Increase Your Leads & Sales With MintClicks Ad Network!

Rather than spending money one placing ads all over the internet, you can bring in good leads to your website through pay per click or CPM advertising. Through the enormous MintClicks publisher network, you will be able to get your ads out there in front of a huge audience to bring people from all over the world to your website.

With MintClicks, you have the option of creating either pop, interstitial, text, or banner ads; we support all of the industry standard banner dimensions. Once you have your ad ready, you can choose your target audience through the addition of as many different keywords as you want, and you can also choose to target specific geographic locations or send your ads everywhere around the world.

We also give you the freedom to choose your click rates on individual ads and keywords so there is no worry about going over budget. Our system will offer you suggestions on the minimum click rate, but you may also adjust this yourself. You also have the ability to decide how many clicks or impressions you pay for every day based on your daily budget. You have the freedom to pause ad display at any time, too.

MintClicks allows you to see how well your ads are doing by using advanced reports generated by our system. These reports will show you which of your keywords are performing the best and indicate where in the world your leads are coming from.

Advertising In MintClicks

  • Create Text Or Banner Ads

  • Keyword & Geographic Targeting

  • Increase In Leads & Sales

The best part about placing pay per click ads is that you only have to pay when your ads are clicked. That means you are only playing for people who are actually coming to your website, rather than other ad placement methods where you pay just to have the ad placed on a website..

Our focus here at MintClicks is your satisfaction, which is why we have click processor technology in place that can detect, prevent, and reverse fraudulent clicks on your ads. We want you to get the most out of your money by ensuring that every click is a genuine one.

MintClicks also offers you several different payment options that you can use to add funds to your account. You can make quick and secure payments through Paypal, use your bank account, or even with checks. If you also have a MintClicks publisher account, you may also choose to pay through that. We keep a history of payments under your account so you can track your payments.