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Make Money From Your Websites

With a MintClicks publisher account, you will be able to monetize the website traffic you are currently getting by paying you for every click we receive through your website. We will give you ads from advertisers who have the highest bids which ensures that you will always have the maximum amount of revenue possible.

Ad codes are usually just one line of html coding which allows you to display banner and/or text ads. We support all of the industry standard banner dimensions. MintClicks generates ads for your website based on the relevant keywords found on your website that match the ads keywords. This ensures that the ads which are placed on your website are the most related to your content.

MintClicks allows you to customize your ad codes and to change different style attributes so the ad will match your website design. Additionally, we allow you to add filters within your ad codes that will prevent your competitor ads from showing up on your website.

Monetizing From MintClicks

  • Create Text Or Banner AdCodes

  • Customize AdCodes Style

  • Generate Income From Your Sites

The advanced reports part of our system will let you see how well your ad codes are doing and show you how much you have earned. These reports also provide information on clicks, earnings, CTR, and impressions of your ad codes. By showing you which of your ad codes are doing the best, you can make changes to other ads or find ways to make even more money.

MintClicks offers Net 35 Payments get paid on time, every month. Mintclicks also gives you several options to choose from for payout. You can use Paypal which is quick and secure, your bank account, or request a check. Payments can be requested when you meet the minimum payout balance of $50USD. If you have a MintClicks advertiser account you can also transfer your revenues from your publisher account to your advertiser account, and you can easily track your payment history through our system.